Signature Loans

Nee help paying taxes or a high interest credit card? What about a vacation? Or wait... What about an engagement, right? We know life can be expensive, but FOP Federal Credit Union has a solution. Signature Loans can allow you to pay for items you would normally use a HIGH interest credit card for and spend a lifetime paying back interest. The difference with this low interest signature loan is that it is a fixed rate for a fixed amount of time. Let us help you make better financial decisions. 


  • Enjoy NO payments for up to 45 days when you get a new loan through FOP Federal Credit Union.
  • We offer competitive rates, pre-approvals, and flexible terms. Let us help you get the right vehicle at the right price. 
  • Everything can be done remotely. You don't have to come to our building, we can do the entire loan process from wherever you are. 
  • Loan process is quick, easy, and safe. 


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