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CLEET Peace Officers: 

Fraternal Order of Police Federal Credit Union is here for your lodge! FOPFCU was formed in 1941 to assist law enforcement lodge members with their financial needs. We offer low interest rates on consumer loans and pay competitive rates on our savings products. 

Our credit union staff is uniquely qualified to assist our law enforcement community. We currently have 5 employees with family members serving or retired from the Tulsa Police Department as well as the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. 

We are also equipped to assist members anywhere in the state. We have mobile banking, home banking and online applications for loans and membership. We can process a loan anywhere in the state without a member ever setting foot in our building. 

Membership is easy. Just complete the membership form, here on our website, and our Member Service Team will contact you about any other documentation that is needed. Membership is also open to family members. 


 Carol Webb


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