VISA Check Card/ATM Card

Use your FOPFCU VISA® Check Card anywhere VISA® is accepted. The money for your purchase will automatically be taken from your FOPFCU Share Draft (checking) Account. Just use like a credit card, fast, easy, no need to carry around your checkbook, save money on check re-orders and safer than carrying cash. 

  • There is no transaction fee for using your VISA® Check Card for a point of sale purchase. 
  • You can also use as a debit card to get cash back (must use your PIN). 
  • This card enables you to make purchases up to $1,000 per day as long as funds are available.
  • You can also use the card as an ATM card at any Automated Teller Machine; withdraw up to $500 per day as long as funds are available.

Receive free ATM usage for FOPFCU ATM/Check Card holders at our location @ 10110 E 11th St. Other locations will incur a .50 charge per transaction and possible surcharge fees from that institution at the time of the withdrawal.

Remember, using this card instead of checks keeps you in control of your funds, you don’t leave your personal information in the hands of someone else.

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