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Convenience and Savings - Our Specialty!

Fraternal Order of Police Credit UnionFraternal Order of Police Federal Credit Union is here for one reason - to provide the best, most convenient banking services for our members!
But we don't stop there. We deliver a wide variety of products to meet all of your financial needs....whenever and wherever you want!
  • Convenient and Secure online access to your accounts 24/7 from your mobile or internet connected device.
  • Online Bill Pay, Direct Deposit, ATM Cards and other ways to manage your money.
  • Low-Cost financing for new and used cars, boats, personal loans and more.
  • Great ways to save more and watch your money grow for the future.
With your FOPFCU Online service you can securely access your account(s) whether at home, in the office, or traveling, just as if you were in the credit union! You can transfer funds, view your account history, see an image of paid checks, view your statement(s), order checks, download your history, and much more. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your own money while online.
If you need access to your account after hours, take advantage of our Telephone Teller service, easy access from any location at anytime of the day, simply by using a touch-tone telephone.
Call today @ 918-836-2200!
Free Checking. Free ATM/Debit Cards. Did we mention FREE!
Don’t wait in lines, with direct deposit your payroll check is received by the credit union and deposited directly into your account on payday. All you have to do is complete a form from your payroll office or the credit union if one has been made available from your employer. Once your payroll check is received, you have the flexibility of having funds disbursed automatically to various accounts or loan payments.
A portion of your check is received by the credit union on payday. You can add to your savings, make a loan payment, or add to an account for your child or grandchild. You just fill out a form from your payroll office and the amount you specify will be deducted from your paycheck and deposited to the account of your choice. It is another way we try to make your life easier!
Use your FOPCU VISA® Check Card anywhere VISA® is accepted. The money for your purchase will automatically be taken from your FOPCU Share Draft (checking) Account. Just use like a credit card, fast, easy, no need to carry around your checkbook, save money on check re-orders and safer than carrying cash. 
  • There is no transaction fee for using your VISA® CHECK CARD for a point of sale purchase. 
  • You can also use as a debit card to get cash back (must use your PIN). 
  • This card enables you to make purchase up to $1,000 per day as long as funds are available.
  • You can also use the card as an ATM card at any Automated Teller Machine; withdraw up to $500 per day as long as funds are available.
  • Receive free ATM usage for FOPCU ATM/Check Card holders at our location @ 10110 E 11th St. Other locations will incur a .50 charge per transaction and possible surcharge fees from that institution at the time of the withdrawal.
Remember, using this card instead of checks keeps you in control of your funds: you don’t leave your personal information in the hands of someone else.
IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR DEBIT CARD HOLDERS! New Federal regulations require debit card holders to affirm the Credit Union to authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM and everyday debit card transactions. Click Here to Opt In
Once you've decided you're ready to start paying bills online, simply Login to access your account, look for the bill pay tab and register today. All you need is a checking account and Internet access.

Two Bill Pay choices offered by your CU:
CLASSIC BILL PAY - is a great fit for beginners or intermediate users too busy to be burdened with old-fashioned check writing and Free for members as long as you use it. (After 60 days of inactivity a $4.95 monthly fee.)

BILL PAY PLUS - for the web savvy user is feature-rich, intuitive, and offers flexibility. It has all the features of CLASSIC with additional advanced features. We are offering this service FREE for 90 days (after 90 days $4.95 monthly fee). Auto-enrollment for the FREE 90 days of PLUS when you register online

In addition to your regular share savings account, perhaps you would like to separate some of your savings funds. Let’s say saving for vacation, Christmas, or perhaps a new computer? This is an easy way to save and still earn dividends.
If you would like to set some money aside and enjoy the tax benefits of contributing to an IRA come see us! Whether adding to or saving money for your secure retirement or the education of a child or loved one, we can help with a Traditional, Roth, or Education IRA. You may deposit into an IRA Share Account and enjoy a competitive rate or purchase an IRA Certificate for a 1 or 2 year term also at competitive rates.
Whether a short or long term investment, FOPCU offers you competitive rates. For as little as $500 you can begin saving with a share certificate today!
Convenience and reliability, what a credit card should be. Use your FOPFCU VISA® Credit Card for travel expenses, emergency expenses, shopping, dining and more. Enjoy the following additional benefits:
• 25-day grace period on purchases
• Chargegard Insurance Protection available
• 90 Day Product Protection available
• Payments can be mailed, taken to the credit union, payroll deduction or automatically draft your account thru FOPCU Online Banking service.
• No annual fee
We are always available during normal business hours to assist you with almost any financial transaction or question you may have. You can also make deposits and/or loan payments by mail or the night drop located in the drive thru.
Keep your valuables and important items safe from theft, disaster, or simply misplacement. We have sizes ranging from 3" x 5" and up to 16" x 31", prices range from $20 to $250 annual rental. Please contact us for availability. Keeping your valuables safe is important!
Sometimes you just have to pay with a money order; perhaps a vendor will not accept a check or a credit card. FOPFCU can help! Money orders are available for $1.50 each, just another way to serve you everyday.
FOPFCU Routing Number: 303985974
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