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Transfund Information

If your debit card becomes lost or stolen, and the FOPCU is closed, please call 1-800-791-2525. They will be able to help you close your card, and let the FOPCU know to order you a new debit card the following business day.


Some FOPCU members have received emails from an entity representing themselves as NACHA, an organization which regulates ACH transactions. Please, disregard the email, it is bogus. NACHA would NEVER contact a member and does not have your personal information.


In an effort to "protect your money" and the Credit Union from an increasing amount of fraud, it has become necessary to implement certain restrictions regarding the use of your VISA debit card.

Purchases in excess of $75.00 will be declined at pharmacies, discount stores, video stores, and Pay@pump retailers in the following states: TX, NY, NJ, MI, NC, FL, CA, GA, OH, IL, LA, and PA also, Mexico and Quebec, Canada All other types of transactions will be available along with cash thru the ATM network.

We are monitoring the suspicious activity very closely. Please help us in monitoring your account and if you have questions, please contact us immediately. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to provide services that are beneficial and cost effective to our members.

Scam Alert!

Members: Several credit union members have received text messages alerting them of a low account balance. The text wants you to call and give them account information. THIS IS A SCAM!! We would never send a text wanting this information.

Automated Cell Phone Scam Resurfaces

recent notification from credit unions indicated members and nonmembers are being targeted with the automated phone call scam. Victims receive automated calls (robo-calls), which play recorded messages claiming to be from a credit union (or bank), requesting verification of financial information (e.g., account number, card number, or PIN). Open the document for more details.


FOPCU and VISA will NEVER call you and ask for your account number, card number or PIN. If your receive a phone call requesting any information regarding your account with the credit union IT IS A SCAM.

VISA Credit Cardholders should call the 800 number listed on the back of your card if you feel you have been scammed. TransFund Debit Cardholders should call 800-791-2525.

Fraud Alert!

Due to the increased amount of fraud in Mexico and Quebec, Canada transactions over $75 will be blocked in those areas beginning immediately. If you are traveling to these areas, please contact the Credit Union for assistance in using your debit card.

As a reminder - transactions of $75 @ merchants such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS and similar stores are blocked in the following states: CA, FL, IL, LA, NC, NY, PA, DE, GA,IN, MI, NJ, OH & TX.

When planning a trip to to any of the affected areas, please provide a travel notification to the credit union so we can help prevent fraud on your account.

is our priority

We use security measures that meet or exceed worldwide industry standards for secure websites. Proxy servers, SSL certificates and 128-bit encryption establish secure sessions to guarantee your privacy.

Alerts keep security in mind.
All messages sent out to you are determined and set by you. Sensitive information such as full account numbers, PINs and names are not included in outgoing messages.

Device detection adds another layer of security.
Our system detects the type of device being used at log in time. Only devices meeting minimum security standards will get through.

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